Agrumaria Corleone has been producing juices and essences for the food industry since 1890, promoting the quality of Sicilian citrus fruits around the world.

Juices and essential oils for the industry

Natural NFC juices, concentrated juices and essential oils, extracted from excellent Sicilian citrus fruits, are produced and distributed worldwide. Organic and non-organic products, which maintain unaltered the quality, freshness and organoleptic characteristics of the original fruit.

The excellence of Sicilian citrus fruits

The juices and essential oils come from the best Sicilian citrus fruits – lemons, oranges, mandarins – with an intense flavour and unmistakable fragrance, which Agrumaria Corleone selects through its own suppliers in the excellent citrus fruit growing areas of Sicily including Palermo (Conca d’Oro, Bagheria, Carini), Trapani (Marsala, Castelvetrano, Mazara del Vallo), Messina (Taormina, S. Stefano, Capo d’Orlando, Milazzo), Catania (Acireale, Giarre), Siracusa (Avola, Noto, Lentini): the Femminello and Monachello varieties of lemon, Tarocco, Sanguinello and Moro varieties of blood orange, Ovale, Navel, Valencia varieties of blonde orange, and the Avana and Tardivo di Ciaculli varieties of mandarin which are joined by bergamot, white gape, watermelon, mulberry, pomegranate and prickly pear, some of the other outstanding Italian products.

Flexibility, innovation and customisation

Elevated production flexibility allows Agrumaria Corleone to produce tailor made products, designed and produced to satisfy the needs of the destination industries. They are juices and essential oils intended for the food and drink industry but also cosmetics, for the production of juices, nectars, compounds, beverages, ice cream, flavors and precious fragrances.






Pharmaceutical industry