2016 December 14

Industrial strategies of Agrumaria Corleone. Perfect combination of tradition and innovation

Chiara Corleone (in the picture), export sales manager of Agrumaria Corleone, presents four interesting articles and a video, made accessible to a large audience of entrepreneurs, scholars of business, students and policy makers through generativita.it, web portal of Genius Loci, Archive of the Italian generativity of Universita' Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan. Genius Loci for some years has been collecting stories of companies, and more generally of "generative" organizations as producing multiform value (economic, social, relational, contextual) for several stakeholders. "I thank Università Cattolica - says Chiara Corleone - for the attention shown to us as a company and as a present reality in Sicily since 1890. Since then, always with the same persistent desire to do good business by exporting our experience and our professionality in the world." The goal of generativity is clear: Agrumaria Corleone testifies the existence and significance in the Italian economy of a business model of contextual and shared value. In the articles dedicated to Agrumaria Corleone, it emerges therefore the desire to do business in Sicily despite the difficulties, to export proudly the "Made in Sicily", with primary emphasis on quality business, with a constant scientific research, in the modernization of plants and machinery, in the improvement of production processes guaranteed by environmental sustainability. (read more...) And the issue of organizational development is the focal point of the article of Prof. Mauro Tome: -The slogan that accompanies the site of Agrumaria Corleone, Sicilian citrus processor, sums up well the spirit and the line of management, "four generations of experience and a capital of business and technology which continues to grow "- A claim - continues Tomè- where family care and care from the family are the focus of the project. A care project in the round, concrete, common, that does not go out in the clamor of a specific event or a symbol. (read more....) A project, the one of Agrumaria Corleone, writes Prof. Luigi Serio (Professor of Economics and Corporate Management at the faculty of Economics and Social and Political Sciences at Universita' Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan), "which represents one of the extraordinary stories of entrepreneurship that characterize our production system and analyzing its business model helps to rebuild the key hubs on which is built the success of Made in Italy” "(read more.....)