2016 October 5

Dubai: Investiture Ceremony for Antonella Corleone of Agrumaria Corleone S.p.A., Chairman of IFEAT 2016

During the course of the IFEAT 2016 conference which took place this year at the the Burj Al Arab hotel in the dazzling city of Dubai from 25th to 29th September, Antonella Corleone (featured in the photograph) was nominated Chairman of IFEAT. “A huge but stimulating task” stated Antonella “which I will carry out with enthusiasm. “2017 will be a year full of commitments and appointments as we approach the 40th anniversary of IFEAT.” “It was in October 1977” continues Antonella “during the 7th International Congress for essential oils in Kyoto that IFEAT was born. Sincere gratitude goes to our founder, Ron Neal, who with his great intuition gave life to this large international organisation”.