2017 August 30

The citrus fruits of Sicily enchant the island’s summer

The colours of the sun are a perfect start to describe the beautiful and scorching summer season of 2017. Yellow like the lemon, prince of Sicily, orange like oranges, the most precious and bountiful fruit. Two colours, two symbols of Sicily, carried triumphantly in July on four media-rich days, signed Dolce & Gabbana.

The two world icons of luxury felt a strong desire to bring Sicily to the Olympus of fashion, organizing 4 days of High Craftsmanship, enclosing in this treasure chest, shows, firework displays, sensual and luxurious fashion shows, soaked in femininity and Sicilian identity, which have left their mark. An abundance of colours and energy which inebriated Palermo and whoever was touched by it, impossible to remain unmoved before a city which lent itself without reserve, happy and proud to transform itself. The models paraded among the statues of piazza Pretoria wearing superlative garments with symbolic icons of Sicily, the flat-caps, the roses, the cassate, the colours of the Sicilian carts, the gattopardi and the beautiful variations of all the citrus fruits unmistakably present.

As always, citrus fruits symbolise summer in terms of diet and health, and the novelties include slimming drinks, based on lemon and ginger, a must in summer! , click here – the lemons also come in plastic, rather in bio-plastic. In Tarragon, in Catalonia, they have invented a new bio-plastic (with no harmful compound) obtained from limonene, to find out more - Lemon is always great for asthma! Here is a simple recipe to have the initial benefits immediately, click here – for a summer-flavoured evening, orange liquor is the ideal recipe, its name is arancello! here is the recipe - to finish, a lemon sorbet will save us from the heat, just water, lemon juice and sugar, the recipe.