2020 September 30

The 2020 watermelon campaign repays the efforts made during the year

The watermelon campaign just concluded gave very satisfying results. The excellent harvest hoped for at the beginning of the season has been achieved and the favourable climate until late September has been beneficial in terms of both sales and production.

In Sicily, this season was particularly hot, resulting in an increase in demand.

The Crimson (or Crimson Sweet) variety is the most popular amongst the red watermelons. It has a characteristic round shape, is of a medium size (10-12kg) and a light green colour with dark green stripes. The flesh is sweet and crunchy with an intense red colour, firm and sugary, and easy to digest. It also has a good Potassium and Vitamin C content and contains lycopene, an antioxidant against free radicals

The Sentinel variety also performed very well. This variety has a characteristic elongated shape with dark stripes and a significant size (15/16kg). The flesh is intense bright red, rich in sugars, crunchy and not very fibrous.

In Sicily, this magnificent and succulent fruit is cultivated primarily in Marsala. Here and throughout the province, producers can guarantee maximum reliability and complete traceability of the product. The area of Syracuse is also ideal for watermelon cultivation.

Thanks to the area’s special qualities, the juices obtained are full of energy and very refreshing, with a high quantity of nutritional elements. Ideal for an unparalleled “red” breakfast in terms of benefits, they allow for a quick replenishment of the mineral salts inevitably lost during the summer season.

To achieve new goals, Agrumaria Corleone S.p.a. has decided to invest and put on the market natural organic-certified Watermelon juice, a 100% natural and organic product that guarantees the freshness of freshly squeezed juice.

The product has been developed by the in-house Research and Development team and created in association with selected Sicilian suppliers.