2020 September 18

September brings the sale of Verdello lemons to an end

The Ismea data underline a stable market trend both in terms of volumes traded and prices

The sale of Verdello lemons ends on a positive note. Ismea data of the week from 7 to 13 September 2020 indicate excellent exchange volumes with an increase of 6.2% over last year.

In particular, we point out the outstanding performance of the Sicilian lemon; indeed, the Sicilian varietal heritage of naturally re-blooming cultivars (“Femminello comune”, “Monachello”, “Femminello Zagara Bianca”) that produce Verdello lemons referable to the botanic species Citrus limon, have seen an interesting exponential growth in terms of quality and demand, due to insufficient production worldwide which has increased prices.

Verdello lemons account for 30% of the lemons cultivated in Sicily; they are greatly appreciated on markets worldwide for their high level of acidity, scarce presence of seeds, smooth, light green and highly perfumed peel due to the greater percentage of limonene, beta-pinene, alfa pinene, gamma terpinene compared to the other annual productions.