2024 May 2

Stella al Merito del Lavoro 2024, 4 employees of Agrumaria Corleone Spa awarded

Antonino Martorana, Giuseppe Messina, and Ignazio Tropea of Agrumaria Corleone Spa have been awarded the Stella al Merito del Lavoro (Star of Merit for Labor), conferred by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella on the occasion of the Labor Day celebration held on May 1st at the Politeama theater. Among others present were the Mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla, the Regional Assessor for Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity Francesco Paolo Scarpinato, the Provincial Vice Consul of the Federation of Masters of Labor Salvatore Biondo, and the President of the Sicilian Group of Knights of Labor Agostino Randazzo. 26 workers were awarded who have served in companies in Palermo or the province, including Agrumaria Corleone Spa, a historic company in the processing and production of juices and essences since 1890. The deserving recipients were honored by a commission appointed and chaired by the Minister of Labor, composed of the president of the National Federation of Masters of Labor of Italy, Elio Giovati, the president of ANLA, National Association of Elderly Workers of Italian Companies, Edoardo Patriarca, five officials designated by the presidency of the Council and the departments of Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Industry, Labor, six members designated by the trade union organizations, and four representatives of employers. Founded in Palermo in 1890, Agrumaria Corleone is considered one of the leading companies in the world of citrus derivatives for the food industry . "Our company," says Loredana Corleone, head of human resources, "has been rooted in the territory for over 130 years, with our employees we have always shared the same vision and values, so we are proud of the well-deserved recognition to Antonino Martorana, Antonino Governale, Giuseppe Messina, and Ignazio Tropea, to whom our thanks go