2024 April 11

During the IFeat Study Tour 2024, the delegation of experts from around the world interested in citrus essential oil production in Sicily made a stop in a region long devoted to citrus farming.

The delegation of the International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades (IFEAT) visited the Agrumaria Corleone S.p.a. facility, embarking on a week-long journey deep into the heart of Sicily in search of the region's excellences.

Agrumaria Corleone warmly welcomed the IFEAT Study Tour delegation to their facility in Palermo. Approximately 50 experts in the field of essential oils from over 20 countries embarked on a tour to explore a cutting-edge company increasingly focused on sustainable and high-quality productions. President Vincenzo Corleone and the entire management team of Agrumaria greeted the IFEAT delegates.

Antonella Corleone, Chiara Corleone and Giuseppe Grasso, and other team members extended greetings and gratitude to the IFEAT representatives. "It is an honor and a privilege for our company to host such a large representation of the Federation. I know I speak for people who, like us at Agrumaria Corleone, are passionate and knowledgeable. It's a pleasure for us to share our enthusiasm and knowledge and stimulating to exchange new ideas."

During the tour, IFEAT delegates had the opportunity to admire the innovative company laboratory, a pride of Agrumaria Corleone where they could preview some new products and essences. The tour continued inside the production facility, technologically among the most advanced in the sector. The main objective of the visit was to deepen the citrus processing method, focusing on the growing importance of organic essential oils in the industry. Delegates had the chance to observe the techniques used firsthand and ask detailed questions about the evolutionary processes. The visit sparked lively idea exchange between IFEAT delegation members and the team at Agrumaria Corleone Spa, contributing to strengthening ties and establishing new professional relationships.

In the evening, a gala dinner organized by Agrumaria Corleone took place in the Massimo Gardens, a venue of great prestige from a historical and cultural perspective. Amidst the aromas of local cuisine and the exquisite wines of the province, all participants mingled in a convivial and relaxed atmosphere. The evening unfolded in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, with surprises such as the recognition presented by Antonella Corleone to Peter Greenhalgh, coordinator of the IFeat Study Tour and a historic figure of IFEAT. During the evening, IFEAT delegates also expressed their gratitude to Antonella Corleone, organizer of the IFeat study tour, for arranging the 7-day tour in Calabria and Sicily. The evening concluded with a captivating guided tour inside the Teatro Massimo.