2023 July 20

Agrumaria Corleone meets the stability requirements in the Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 9, obtaining the “AA” grade

The company, which has always been sensitive to innovation and technology, maintains an effective integrated management system for quality, food safety and the environment.

As you may be aware, one of our established priorities here at Agrumaria Corleone is to improve our already high standards, always having in mind the expectations of our clients.

Today I am proud to share with you the good news that Agrumaria Corleone has recently been audited and it has been found that meets the requirements set out in the Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 9: August 2022 with the Grade ''AA'', i.e. the highest rating in a scale where alternatives are AA, A, B, C and D.

Management systems are important tools for supporting competitive organizations that must adhere to legal and tender requirements for production, services and business activities. Businesses today face increasing levels of complexity and risk, which has been further compounded by the global pandemic. This growing complexity requires a more sophisticated approach to risk management as organizations take a more progressive approach to certification. At Agrumaria Corleone we recognize that standards are more than just a checkbox to remain compliant with regulators and the certification to not only the ISO 9001:2015 standard supports our risk-based-thinking culture that promotes ‘whole organization’ involvement and commitment, continuous improvement, competitive advantage and greater efficiency.

Giuseppe Grasso

Export sales manager

Agrumaria Corleone Spa